Saturday, September 26, 2009

My mantra

The idea here is to have a show case and place to sell original art I have created, after so many years of working on a computer I want to get "my fingers dirty:" or should I say covred with pastels again, which I love to work in. There will be new art added every week with no particular theme, whatever I feel the desire or need to draw. If you have any suggestions, or ideas for anything you would like me to draw please leave a post here and I will likely do it!

I accept commisions, if there is something specific (a particualr place, person, etc) or general, aka sking, mountain views, clouds, etc simply leave a comment hee in the blog or you can email me directly at and I will be delighted to do it! It would be fun to work with such close friends and creating something we both enjoy.

While the pieces shown on the site original signed art for sale, you can order signed color prints of any of these pieces for $18 plus $7.00 shipping and handling so total cost $25. Easy payment via paypal!

Hope you like what you see and will take advantage of the low prices, I want to see if this thing works !!!

Thank you!
Your favorite starving artist

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